2700 NRA Match

NRA 2700 Match

Harrisburg Hunters’ & Anglers’ is proud to host the 2017 NRA Regional Pistol Championship with NRA Distinguished Revolver Match, at our bullseye range on Saturday and Sunday June 10-11, 2017. At the conclusion of the Regional we will also sponsor a CMP Service Pistol Match (EIC) Match and Rimfire Match.

Due to recent NRA rule changes, there are no requirements to participate in the 2700 to fire any of the ancillary matches. If you are inclined, you may participate in the DR and leg matches as standalone matches. And the match program also allows shooters to fire .22 only, if desired, across the 2700 course in a separate class.

For online signup functionality go to: http://www.njpistol.com/ or you may email me at: b754020@aol.com

For many this match is a welcome warm-up prior to the Nationals at Camp Perry, OH.

The 2017 match brochure is listed below.

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