William Penn Pistol League

William Penn Pistol League

The William Penn Pistol League has been in existence since 1947. The following 10 Pistol Teams are affiliated with the league.

  • AMP
  • Carlise
  • Hummelstown
  • Middletown
  • Mount Joy
  • Palmyra
  • Red Rose
  • State
  • West Shore
  • York-Adams

The league season begins mid-September and ends by mid-April.

Each year, at the Annual Banquet, many awards are presented, such as:

  • Top Teams
  • Top Guns
  • Team High Individuals
  • High Junior
  • High Lady

Several awards to honor past competitors are also presented. These include the Dave Dommel Award and Pete Hazell Award. Individual team awards are presented to Gold Team members and Blue Team members.

Each year a different team hosts the Annual Banquet where league members, family, and friends enjoy dinner and take part in team and individual recognition.

The main pieces of equipment needed to start shooting bullseye pistol are a semiautomatic .22 target pistol, two magazines, red dot scope (optional), gun box with spotting scope (optional), timer (optional), standard velocity .22 caliber ammo, eye and ear protection, targets, and some pistol cleaning supplies. This will get you started in the challenging sport of Bullseye Pistol Shooting.

Once you’ve got the right pistol and ammo combination, all you need are steady nerves, a disciplined trigger finger, and a rock-solid hold to compete in this challenging sport.

The course of fire is 20 shots slow fire, 20 shots timed fire, and 20 shots rapid fire all fired at 50 feet indoors at NRA Bullseye targets. A total of 60 shots per night with a possible score of 600-60X.

Come out and join in on the fun!

Points of contact:

Kay Bischof, (717) 764-7033 or email

Larry Brown, (727) 561-9803 or email

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