Bulls eye pistol

Bullseye Pistol

Bullseye Pistol, more formally known as NRA Precision Pistol, is a shooting sport in which participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits.  It is a very challenging but rewarding pistol sport which is appealing to shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to High Masters.  

At HH&A, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor Bullseye pistol matches and leagues, as well as the annual NRA Regional Pistol Championship and the Walter Wise Memorial Police Pistol Match. Details about our matches are provided at the links below.

Whatever your level of interest in Bullseye might be, come on out and join us soon for some fun.


NRA 2700 Pistol Match
Summer Pistol League
 Walt Wise Memorial Police Pistol Match
 William Penn Pistol League
 Winter Indoor Centerfire 900 Pistol Matches