Indoor Combat 600 Matches

PPC Indoor Combat 600 Pistol Matches

Once a month, usually on the 4th Saturday from October until March, HH&A will hold Police Pistol Combat (PPC) Combat 600 matches at the indoor pistol range. See our Match Flyer for the scheduled dates and times.

Cost is $5.00, payable by cash at registration.  We shoot for fun, no awards are given.

Our matches are open to the public. They are not NRA-sanctioned. No club or NRA membership is required to participate.

(Stipulation: you must be capable of handling and using your firearm safely, and you must comply with the club rules, regulations, and range commands.)

Gun Classes:

Stock Centerfire Semi-Auto (iron sights only)
Stock Centerfire Revolver (iron sights only)
Stock .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights only)
Stock Centerfire Concealed Carry Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights only)
Open Gun (any safe Centerfire or .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver, all mods and optics allowed)
Course of fire will be a modified Combat 600, shot at a distance of 3, 7, 15 and 25 yards using B-27 targets and repair centers. Five or six relays will be held per match date. No alibis or refires will be allowed.

PPC Shooters will score and repair targets downrange after every 30 shot target is fired.

Eighteen shooters will be squadded per relay, on a first come, first served basis. Registration will be done at the range.

Any safe Stock or Open Class semi-auto or revolver (.22 to .45 caliber) maybe used. Sixty rounds of any safe ammunition are required per match. A strong side holster and at least three magazines or speedloaders are also required.

Bring your own eye and ear protection, stapler, staples, and pen. Scoring overlays may be used to aid in determining shot values.

Do not bring any loaded firearms to the range. All guns must be unloaded and bagged until called to the firing line. A safety briefing will be held prior to the start of the matches. Shooters must follow established range safety procedures and obey all commands issued by the Range Safety Officer calling the line. Ear and eye protection are mandatory.

For additional information, please contact:

John Zebel, Match Director
(717) 834-5466 or email