Summer League

Police Pistol Combat (PPC) Summer League

The PPC Summer League at Harrisburg Hunters’ and Anglers’ starts in April and runs through September. See the Summer League Match Flyer for scheduled match dates. We shoot on the 1st and 4th Saturdays from 9:00 am to around noon at the PPC Range.

Come when you can, and shoot as many relays as you like. The league is a great way to hone your shooting skills, and have fun doing it!

New shooters are welcome and no prior competition experience is required. No special competition guns are required, and shooters are encouraged to use their self-defense/home protection/duty guns.

Our goal is to provide a friendly, but competitive combat handgun target shooting discipline for all shooters – civilian and law enforcement alike – which will allow them to improve their marksmanship skills andPPC competence with their handguns under the stress of competition, and be safe and have fun while they are doing it.

Ten paid relays over the course of the summer in the same gun class completes one gun and qualifies you for end of season awards. Type and number of awards to be determined. Medals and Certificates go to top shooter in each of 5 gun classes. We’ll use your best 9 out of 10 match scores for the league average. You can shoot and complete more than one gun in a season. Each gun completed qualifies you for awards.

Our standard course of fire is the Combat 600 match, which is a 60-round, timed event with a maximum score of 600-60X. Six rounds are loaded and fired per string. You must draw from a holster, use both your strong and weak hand during firing, and execute a mandatory reload between strings of fire. All loading must be done from the shooter’s person (e.g., magazine/speedloader holder, pocket, pouch). Revolvers must be fired double-action only. Factory and hand-loaded pistol ammunition are allowed. Targets used are NRA Police Silhouette B-27E and repair centers. Shooters will score and repair targets downrange.

Safety on the range is paramount. Matches will be supervised by a Range Safety Officer (RSO). Shooters must follow all basic NRA gun safety rules and all range commands given by the RSO. Ear and eye protection are mandatory.

We run a “cold” range. This means firearms must be holstered or bagged, unloaded with the magazine removed, and hammer down on an empty chamber, unless you are under the direct supervision of an RSO on the firing line, or you are at the designated SAFE AREA. No ammo may be handled at the SAFE AREA.

Minimum equipment required:

  • Centerfire handgun (revolver of .32 caliber or larger, semi-auto pistol of .35 caliber or larger, barrel length of 6 inches or less, capable of firing 6 shots)
  • Rimfire handgun (revolver or semi-auto pistol of .22 caliber, barrel length of 6″ or less, capable of firing 6 shots)
  • Hip holster (must be “strong-side”, no crossdraw or shoulder rigs) and sturdy belt
  • Three speedloaders or magazines (more is better)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 60 rounds of any safe pistol ammunition per relay (no centerfire magnums or bottlenecks allowed)
  • Pen or Pencil for Scoring

Accessories recommended:

  • Gun bag to hold equipment and accessories
  • Speedloader or magazine holders for belt
  • Clipboard for scorecard
  • Scoring overlay

There will be five separate gun classes:

  • Stock Centerfire Semi-Auto (iron sights only)
  • Stock Centerfire Revolver (iron sights only)
  • Stock .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights only)
  • Stock Centerfire Concealed Carry Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights only)
  • Open Gun (any safe Centerfire or .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver with red dot and holographic sights, no lasers allowed)
  • Come out and have some fun with us. Bring a friend with you. The PPC Summer League is open to the public.

Any questions, please contact:

John Zebel, Match Director
(717) 834-5466 or email