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Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Business Systems Center  (BSC)

Board member Bill Chastain recently hosted the NAVSUP BSC Wardroom (Naval Supply Corps Officers) for an introductory tactical shoot at HHA. The afternoon began with a safety briefing from Bill Chastain followed by each shooter engaging targets at distance and close quarters, behind cover and from kneeling positions. At least four stages included a combination of knockdown steel and paper targets.


Pictured from left to right: Lt. Terry Hogan, Captain Tim Colyer (Ret.), Lt. Carlos Londono, Lt. Kile Green, Captain Gene Cash, Lt. Commander Brian Bieber, Gordie Hopplle and Bill Chastain. Missing from the photo is Dustin Opsomer.

According to their Commanding Officer, Gene Cash,


"The training was a great benefit to the officers of the BSC Wardroom as it allowed us to gain proficiency in firearms employment and safety.  All of our officers will go back to operational units where they can be called upon to carry and utilize firearms in support of their duties.


As Supply Officers or logisticians, we are great candidates to serve on a VBSS, Visit Boarding Search and Seizure, team on afloat units. Navy Supply Officers play an important role on these teams by helping to identify if the cargo is illegal or excessive based on the manifest of the vessel.  VBSS team members are all armed for self defense and in case they encounter a hostile crew that doesn't want them finding contraband they are trying to smuggle.  Small arms training is not always regular or consistent in the Navy, so any opportunity to practice helps our officers be more proficient if they are ever called upon to utilize weapons in the performance of their duties.  Another typical duty our officers will likely perform is Command Duty Officer (CDO) onboard ships and submarines.  CDOs usually carry a firearm and will respond with the security force if there is a security threat to the ship or submarine. The shooting and movement drills we did at HHA will help give them the confidence to perform this duty and others as part of a security force. Firearms proficiency is a perishable skill set and requires regular and consistent practice. I think all our guys learned that on Friday and it motivated them to keep some kind of regular cadence so they don't lose these skills."


Bill Chastain, Gordie Hopple, Captain Tim Colyer (Ret.) and Judy Stuller served as Range Safety Officers throughout the event. The entire BSC team was appreciative of the instruction and tips on how to be better and safer shooters. Safety is HHA’s number one priority, and we were honored to serve as advocates for those who serve us on a daily basis. Thank you for your service and thank you for serving our country!

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