Archery Ranges

We have both indoor and outdoor archery ranges for use at the club.


Our Indoor Archery Range is located on the upper level of the clubhouse and is available for use by key card entry 24 hours per day. The range has 14 shooting lanes for use with paper targets and field points. Broadhead points are not allowed.


Note: The range is shared and utilized by the BB Gun Program during the months of October through April, so be sure to check the club calendar for range availability.


Our Outdoor Archery Range is a walk-through range located in the chestnut grove up on the hill behind the clubhouse building. Hours of use are 8 a.m. until sunset on Sundays; 7 a.m. until sunset all other days. Both paper and 3-D animal targets may be used with field points. Broadhead points are not allowed.


Refer and adhere to the Ground Rules and General Range Regulations posted.

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Site design and maintenance donated by club members at Sultzaberger Photography and Design.

Site photography donated by Heather Powers Photography.

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