Harrisburg Hunters' and Anglers' Association offers several training classes, courses, and events. Some are for youth; others for adults. Check the newsletter for the most up to date list of available dates. Here are a few of our most popular:

  • Basic Handgun Safety CourseLearn SAFETY, function, care and cleaning, sight alignment, trigger control, grip and other information on how to shoot a handgun safely and accurately.

  • Intermediate Handgun Safety CourseReview basic fundamentals and experience a more intense hands-on handgun training. Required Prerequisite: Basic Handgun Safety Course.

  • Advanced Handgun Safety CourseBuilds on the ideology and techniques taught in previous class. Required Prerequisite: Intermediate Handgun Safety Course and pre-qualification exercises. 

  • Ladies Night on the Range: An informal session allowing ladies to shoot at their own pace with instructors available for assistance. (see current newsletter or club calendar for more information)

  • Daisy's BB Gun Safety Class: Shooter MUST be 8 years old prior to February 1st. Course runs October through December with shooters AND parents attending all classes. (There are make-up sessions for missed classes.)

  • Several NRA Basic Shooting Courses in a variety of disciplines (see current newsletter or club calendar for more information)

For more information on the above trainings, click the title of the training.

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