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Tactical Range

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The tactical range is provided for members to practice and advance their skills for competing in multi-gun competitions and the tactical employment of firearms.


Various types of targets can be set up for the use of pistols, rifles, carbines, pistol caliber carbines and shotguns. 


For a comprehensive listing of rules, see Multi-Gun Rules Flyer under Disciplines, Multi Gun.

General range requirements:

  • Individual member qualification is required before use/access to the tactical range is allowed. Members qualified to use the tactical range are not allowed to have guests shoot. 

  • This is a Cold range, meaning no loaded firearms are allowed until the shooter is at the firing line ready to engage targets. Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) are required at all times, ECI's will be removed just prior to loading and firing firearms.

  • Shooters are required to keep all firearm muzzles pointed in a down direction when loaded. 

  • Members can practice transitioning between firearms to engage targets. Rifles that are slung will NOT be loaded. Staged rifles can be loaded.

  • Multiple steel targets are provided and set up on range. Members are allowed to bring cardboard IPSC type targets and use target stands at range. Target placement is a critical aspect of the tactical range and will be one topic covered during qualification. But, generally speaking targets will be placed downrange at berm/backstop.

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