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NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

Harrisburg Hunters’ and Anglers' Association is an excellent facility to introduce a young shooter to the discipline and practice it takes to become an expert marksman. The courses of fire for the NRA’s Qualification Program are designed to take shooters from beginning skill levels through intermediate levels, and on to expert levels. By the time a shooter completes the highest rating, he or she has attained a proficiency level of a competitively classified Sharpshooter. The qualifications include:

  • Handgun Qualification

  • Bullseye Pistol Qualification

  • Intermediate Air Pistol Qualification

  • Intermediate Air Rifle Qualification

  • 4-Position Rifle Qualification

  • Light Rifle Qualification

  • American Rifle Qualification

  • High Power Rifle Qualification

  • Shotgun Qualification

  • Muzzleloading Firearms Qualification

  • Sport Shooting Qualification


Qualification awards include Discipline Patches, Skill Rockers, Pins, Medals and Medal Bars, and various certificates. The skill levels a shooter progresses through are:

  • Beginning Skill Levels

  • Pro-Marksman

  • Marksman

  • Intermediate Skill Levels

  • Marksman 1st Class

  • Sharpshooter

  • Expert

  • Nationally Recognized Skill Level

  • Distinguished Expert

Visit the NRA Marksmanship Qualification website at for more information on this program.

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