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Indoor Novelty Shoot

During the winter months of January, February, and March AND APRIL each year, we hold Novelty Shoots at our Indoor Pistol Range.  We shoot a variety of fun targets at 50 feet using handguns AND RETURNING is a rifle match!  Dates, times, and other match details are included in our Match Flyer linked below.

Both semi-autos and revolvers are allowed. You can use Iron sights or red dots.  Holsters are not required. NO Scopes in Pistols or Revolvers.

Cost is $2 per relay and 50% of entry fees are paid back to the shooters using the Lewis Classification System.  It’s a lot of fun and we usually get a very nice turnout at the matches.  It’s a great diversion if you are getting cabin fever. 

We use Rimfire handguns in January and February, and Centerfire handguns in March. 

In April – we will have a .22 RIFLE match (rimfire only).  Shoot that old squirrel rifle, red dots, scopes, iron sights OK!  Shoot standing – no support! If you don’t have a rifle, no problem, we will have a couple of extra!

Our matches are open to the public, and beginners are welcome.  Feel free to bring a shooting friend with you to join in on the fun!

For more information about these matches, click on the links below:

Indoor Novelty Shoot Flyer

Safety Briefing

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