Striker Fire Challenge

Striker Fire Challenge matches, using striker-fired pistols only, will be held at the HH&A Police Pistol Combat Range #2 on two 5th Saturdays during the Summer season. See the Match Flyer for scheduled dates.

They will be similar to the “Camp Perry National Challenge” match that the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) has held at the National Pistol Matches for the past few years.

We will use the same D-1 tombstone target and course of fire as the GSSF match, but rather than restrict the match to Glock pistols, we will allow any striker-fired pistol to be used.

Given that most of the competitive pistol shooters in the Harrisburg area regularly attend monthly outdoor pistol matches on the 1st through 4th Saturdays, we’re scheduling our matches on 5th Saturdays in order to avoid any conflicts and hopefully maximize participation from the existing shooter pool.

Four continuous relays will be run from 9:00 a.m. until around noon. Cost is $10 per relay. Two Gun Classes will be used – Stock and Open. Shoot as many relays as you like, and shoot in either or both Gun Classes. Cash awards for each Gun Class will be determined using the Lewis Classification System.

See links below for additional information about the matches.

Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for some fun. Bring a shooting friend with you. Our matches are open to the public.



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