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Woods Walk Match

In May and October every year, we hold a special pistol match at the Black Powder Woods Walk Range using modern handguns.  Check the Match Flyer for the match dates. 


We shoot at 10 different animal-type, steel targets (5 shots at each) which are set at various distances in the woods to simulate a hunting environment.  Total round count is 50.  It’s a lot fun and is a good test of your handgun hunting skills. 


Three Gun Classes are allowed at the match:

  • Centerfire with Iron Sights – includes centerfire (380 through 45 caliber) semi-auto pistols and revolvers.

  • Centerfire with Red Dots – includes centerfire (380 through 45 caliber) semi-auto pistols and revolvers.

  • Rimfire with Iron Sights or Red Dots – includes rimfire (22LR caliber) semi-auto pistols and revolvers.


Cost to shoot is $10 per gun.  ​ Limit 2 guns.


We will pay a minimum of 50% of the entry fees taken in for the Woods Walk back to the shooters as cash awards.  Awards will be handled separately by Gun Class, and will be determined using the Lewis Classification System. 


The number of Lewis Classes established (A, B, C, etc.) will be based on the number of shooters in a given Gun Class (1 Lewis Class for every 10 shooters).  Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places will be given within each Lewis Class.  Any ties will split the award evenly.


Following the Woods Walk, we will hold an optional Long Shot Contest, starting at 100 yards.  Cost is $1, and winner takes all.  Bring extra ammo, if interested.

Click on the links below for additional information about the match.

Please plan on joining us for some fun.  Bring a shooting friend with you.  Our matches are open to the public. 

Any questions, please contact:  

Jim Lambert, Match Director



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