2 and 3 Gun


One of the fastest growing shooting sports in the country right now is the action-packed multi-gun competition commonly known as “3-Gun.” 3-Gun is a match style competition where shooters are scored by both speed and accuracy. A match will consist of several stages where shooters will navigate the stage while engaging targets with rifle, shotgun, and pistol. Shooters may need to engage targets at close quarters, distances of over 100 yards, while behind cover, from prone/kneeling positions, or while on the move.  A wide range of targets are utilized, such as paper, steel, clays, bowling pins, moving/spinning targets, etc. The stages are always different, but you can always expect something fun and challenging. 

The following shooting divisions will be offered:

  • Open: Anything safe goes: race guns, multiple optics, pistol optics, magazine fed shotguns

  • Tactical Scope: Rifle: one magnified optic, pistol and shotgun must be iron sights

  • Tactical Limited: Rifle: one non-magnified optic, pistol and shotgun must be iron sights

  • Heavy Metal: Rifle: .308, Shotgun: 12-gauge pump, pistol: .45ACP with single stack magazine

  • PCC: Pistol caliber carbine replaces rifle, pistol and shotguns follow same rules as tactical divisions

  • 2-Gun: Rifle and pistol only; Any optic setup allowed

Caliber minimums are:

Rifle: 5.45x39mm

Shotgun: 20 gauge, #7.5 or #8 only

Pistol: 9mm

The 2020 season shoots are scheduled for:

  • April 19

  • May 24

  • June 14

  • July 26

  • August 16

  • September 6

The matches will be a casual monthly shoot; no points series or prizes will be awarded. There will be a registration fee of $20. In order to register, you will need a Practiscore account (it's free), visit www.practiscore.com to register and follow this link to the club's page:


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Look below for links to the complete 3-Gun rule book and several other useful items.