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Happy New Year.


Thank you to everyone who bought and sold the club’s raffle tickets. It is a huge help in keeping membership costs low.


As we start the new year, I would like to remind everyone that before you come to the club, read and understand the range rules of the range you intend to use. Violations of club and safety rules could result in termination. There are cameras at all ranges for your safety.


There have been increasing instances of members using the ranges after sunset. Remember sunset changes every day and it is NOT when you can’t see any more!!! Know the exact time of sunset on the day you are at the range.


Also, with the advent of revolvers chambered in 410 on the market, we have noticed more use of these guns in the indoor range. Starting immediately, the use of 410 gauge ammo of ANY type is prohibited inside the indoor range. This ammo causes increased damage to the bullet trap.


Remember to read and UNDERSTAND the range rules BEFORE going to the range. If you have any questions, please ask.

See you at the club.

Jerry Dougherty


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