Competitive Youth BB Gun Riflemen Program

Harrisburg Hunters’ and Anglers’ Association has a strong commitment to our youth and has demonstrated this through their support of our numerous youth programs. We are pleased to continue our support of the BB Gun Program for youth ages 8 through 15, aging out on their 16th birthday.

We are very excited about this program. This program has been around since 1965. It has a very long tradition of teaching gun safety, creating self-discipline, the spirit of competition and having fun while you are learning. This program is a mixture of both shooting and learning gun safety, as well as the operation of a BB Gun and all the rules that encompass BB Gun competition.
After the Daisy BB Gun Safety Course portion of the program is completed, we begin the competition portion of the program and practice through April. The Club provides most of the materials needed. As with all of the youth programs, you do not need to be a member of the club to participate. Please tell anyone that may be interested in this program. The more youth we have that are properly educated about guns and gun safety, the brighter the future will be, as well as gun programs for the future.
The Daisy BB Gun Safety Course is mandatory each year for all competitive shooters. This class begins on the 3rd Wednesday of October each year and is held from 6:15 to 8:30 pm through the end of December. We meet on Wednesdays and Fridays in November and just Wednesdays in December. The location for these classes is the indoor archery range (upstairs in the clubhouse). Our competition season begins January 2nd each year and runs through the end of April (plus the first Saturday of May, which is our end of season event/party). Regular season practices are held every Wednesday and Friday with 5 or 6 Saturdays or Sundays for competitions. (Those dates and times are announced when we receive them, which is usually 2 weeks prior to the competition.) If the team qualifies in the top 3 at the Pennsylvania State Match, a team of 7 will have post-season practices to prepare for their trip to the Daisy National B Gun Match in Rogers, Arkansas, over July 4th weekend.

To register or for more information, please visit our team’s webpage at (This website is used throughout the season, as well. The registration link is in the BB gun menu.)

Program Director: Burt “Rusty” Stockton, (717) 903-0496,
Visit us on the web: (click BB Gun in the menu)

Previous Nationals Scores:
The HH&A BB Gun Riflemen team have made several trips to the Daisy National BB Gun Match in Rogers, Arkansas, occurring over the July 4th weekend. Their most successful trip in placement was in 2014. The team placed an impressive 5th out of 51 teams from 17 states. This is the highest any of our teams who have made the trip has placed to date! The team even outshot the reigning State BB Gun Champion team from Penns Valley, PA. Only 13 out of 388 shooters earned a perfect score on the safety test. We were thrilled to have one of our own shooters, Mica Harr, be one of those 13. Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded to the top shooters in each of the four positions. Kelsey Bortner made us proud by earning a silver medal in the prone position, with a score of 99 – 8X. We couldn’t be more proud of this incredible group of shooters that represented not only our state but especially HH&A. They were the epitome of sportsmanship and teamwork at all times. Congratulations to the team, Kelsey Bortner, Tom Freeburn, Clare Harr, Mica Harr and James McCollum, and the alternates, Tat Benner and Mickey Sultzaberger!
Our other trips to Daisy Nationals may not have resulted in top placement, but they resulted in other achievements. The teams’ mindset is that placement is not the priority. Each shooter sets a goal for themselves and as a team. They, as individuals and as a team, strive to achieve those goals.  At each National match, our shooters did just that. They not only achieved every goal they set for themselves, but surpassed each and every one of them.
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