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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

HHA is committed to creating, promoting and strengthening effective youth programs and to offering a safe space where they can develop specific skills and explore their potential. With this goal in mind, HHA is pleased to offer a new .22 Youth Range.


Background: Two years ago, John Glatz found target systems behind the black powder club house which had been there for years. He thought it would be nice to set them up somewhere for the kids to shoot. After exploring our ranges, he decided to split the shotgun patterning range and build a range for our youth. 


John made some new wood bearings for needed repairs and Denny Lauer welded a few broken welds. They hauled in about 15 truck loads of shale-dirt from a previous project and purchased an additional plate rack to add targets. Roger Rosendale built the shooting benches and Eric Jensen put three coats of sealant on them. John hauled two loads of millings down to build the platform for the shooting benches to sit on and some of the target racks were made by Jerry Johnson. The final product was truly a combined effort!


According to USA Shooting (for Youth Programs), "...shooting sports do not require a participant to be the fastest, tallest, or strongest. It does require—or will teach—patience, determination, organizational skills, mental and physical control, safety awareness, goal setting, problem solving, and good citizenship/sportsmanship."


Thanks to John's vision, and the collaboration of other skilled and dedicated members, the Youth .22 Range is now available for use and is located beside the Shotgun Patterning Range. This range is for youth only with adult supervision. Range Rules below, which are also posted on the range.

  • Range is restricted to rifle or handguns, .22 caliber only.

  • Empty chamber indicators are required for benched firearms.

  • Youth shooter must be supervised by an adult member.

  • Firearms must always be pointed in a safe direction.

  • No steel targets other than what is provided by the club.

  • The range is shared with the shotgun patterning range. The shotgun range has priority. No gun handling while anyone is in front of either firing line. 

  • Eye and hearing protection is required for all.

  • Firearms must be kept unloaded until ready to fire.

  • No shooting outside the left or right range limits.

  • No parking on the range.

  • No shooting Youth Range targets with a shotgun.

  • Be safe and responsible at all times.

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